IT/ConfirmIT Administrator

Posted 11 Jul 2016

The Nielsen Company

Singapore (Information Technology (IT))

Job description:

• Resolving support requests for CAPI (for example survey data not synching, server not responding, Confirmit related services getting stuck, task system not functioning etc.) • Troubleshooting CAPI application and data issues • Resolving support requests from programming teams (for example programmers receiving server errors when compiling surveys, tasks not executing successfully etc.) • Liaising with internal Nielsen Confirmit support and Nielsen IT team as required • Liaising with external software and service partners (Confirmit) and their support staff as required • Confirmit server maintenance, upgrades, administration and monitoring • Training users on application features and upgrades • Implementing security for the Confirmit server platform • Server Governance according to the Standard Operating Processes (SOP) and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) • Research and Development (for example new device testing, new features introduced as part of application upgrade etc.) • Being primary point of contact for Confirmit Reportal support (SME) • Reporting Confirmit server stats periodically to stakeholders

Ideal candidate would have most, or all, of the following:

• Experience in the Market Research Industry • 2 – 3 years of strong Confirmit programming experience • 1 year of Confirmit Reportal experience • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills. • Knowledge of Online, Mobile and CAPI interviewing concepts • Understanding of Windows/Mobile operating systems • Strong technical background including proficiency in either Jscript, VBasic, SQL, Java or C++/C# • Experience working in a technically-oriented team • Demonstrated ability to work within a team • Good communication skills • Excellent written and spoken English • Complete familiarity with Windows Office applications (Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook etc.) • Strong Project and Time Management Skills • Good interpersonal ability and excellent customer service attitude • Good attention to detail commitment to quality control procedures

How to Apply

Please send resume to [email protected]